05/10 :  Pocket Programming Language v1.32 has been released!

   Pocket Programming Language version 1.32 has just been released. http://www.arianesoft.ca/page.php?1

This version fixes most problems found in 1.30 and 1.31. This will be the last version of 1.3x. We are now working on 1.40 (to be released in a couple weeks) which will add some really cool features to the PPL language.
Here is the change log for version 1.32:

  - Sprite timers are freed when sprite is deleted.
  - Fixed memory leak in sprites collide id's.
  - Fixed memory leak in deviceprocessor().
  - Upgraded to PocketHAL 1.0.2 to fix some VGA problems (slowdowns, orientation issues).
  - Fixed Menu_Set() and Menu_Get() functions in Swapi.ppl library.
  - Fixed bug in KillSpriteTimer() function.
  - Fixed bug in sprite's timer logic.
  - Fixed leaks when forms and controls are destroyed.
  - New functions Int64() and ToInt64().
  - Fixed mouse events position when SO_FIXED, SO_FIXEDX or SO_FIXEDY is used.
  - Added new function IsStructDef() to know if a field has been defined in a structure.
  - New Sqldemo_v3.ppl demo.
  - Updated sql demos and libraries.
  - Fixed PIDE when clicking glutter in Lite mode.
  - Added option to get or set menu caption by position instead of by id in Menu_Set, Menu_Get...

You can download it here: http://www.arianesoft.ca/download.php?view.36

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