questionmark.jpgWhy choose PPL when there are many other alternatives?

This is a good question that we will answer within the following article.

The best reason is that PPL 1.60 is now FREE!

Microsoft proposes multiple versions of it's Visual Studio development tools. Some are old but free and the newer ones are more expansive. The Microsoft line of development products for the Pocket PC and Windows Mobile OS each target a specific OS. You will need different versions to compile to each different platform. If you want to write code for the PocketPC 2000 and 2002 you will need eVB 3 or eVC 3 (Microsoft Embedded Visual Basic 3 or Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ 3). If you want support for Windows Mobile 2003 and 2005 you have two options: Microsoft eVC 4, which will give you speed and newer embedded OS support but is not backward compatible with older devices. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 is not free (not cheap either) and will give you a slower .NET platform executable.Microsoft eVB might look appealing to beginners but it is not supported anymore, it is very slow and not very flexible. If you are looking to create games, stay away from it.

Microsoft eVC on the other hand is fast but requires a good knowledge and experience to create games with. You will probably end up buying a 3rd party game development library that are very expensive. The three free tools proposed by Microsoft here (eVB, eVC 3 and eVC 4) only compile for PocketPC or Windows Mobile devices and can only be debugged from the device itself or a cumbersome desktop device emulator. It is slow to debug with and compiling is generally long.

There are other development tools for the PocketPC and Windows Mobile devices, we will not review them here maybe an independant writer can do it for us but we can tell you that none offers the simplicity and power of PPL.PPL offers tools for the beginners and for the profesionals as well. The gaming application interface is very powerful, easy-to-use and very flexible. It includes a 2d physic and a particles engine which will cut down your development cost by a considerable amount.Even design you game visually on screen by designing your levels one at a time with physics enabled, write code just like every good form builder. It's as easy as designing a form in any other tools.PPL compiles your program on the fly, it is fast, generates executables and requires not runtime libraries. No runtime fees are required for distributing your program.PPL is small. Install it in a couple minutes it only takes about 10 mb on your hard drive and around 3 mb on your PDA storage.PPL supports desktop Windows 2000, XP, 2003 server, PocketPC 2000, 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, 2003se and 2005 running on StrongARM and XScale processors all in one package.With PPL you can develop your program on the PC and on your PDA. Write your program while your on the road without the need of your laptop. Design forms visually with support for all platforms.The pros are not left behind. PPL comes with profiling tool to help you optimize that piece of code that slows down your program in minutes. Find memory leaks with the memory leaks analyzer. Unleash the maximum performance of your device with the integrated cross-platform assembler, write your code once and run it on all supported platforms.PPL supports all the most used technologies like: COM, ActiveX, SQL, Adoce, Serial communication, WinSock communication, regular expressions, multiple compression and encryption technics and so much more...We hope your are now convince that PPL is an all-in-one solution for your business or your favorite hobby.

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