19/10 :  PPL 1.40 beta 1 is now available

   Pocket Programming Language version 1.40 beta 1 is now available for download.


Here is a list of the changes so far:

  - 2 new GameAPI screen update modes. This will speed up immensively some games.
  - New APE 2d physic engine with tons of new functions.
  - Rewrote the PIDE visual form builder display.
  - Added new Math.ppl library with functions to convert from and to Binary.
  - Fixed click in gutter area of text in PIDE to add breakpoint.
  - Added OnKeyPress event for all controls in PIDE.
  - Fixed case in form generator where two | characters could stay grouped together causing compile errors.
  - Fixed GameAPI and Windows API events call memory leak when used with PIDE VFB & VFB.
  - New g_SetInputOrientation() function to change the orientation of the mouse and keys input only.
  - New g_InputOrientation() function to retrieve input orientation.
  - PIDE, fixed dragging a control outside a form.
  - PIDE, fixed mouse wheel scroll in visual form builder properties.
  - PIDE, fixed crash when setting wrong color values in properties.
  - PIDE, not neccessary to save file in order to compile or run.
  - Added HTML manual folder to PC installation.
  - New ReplaceEx() function to allow to specify the count of item to replace.
  - New function ACount() to return number of dimension in an array.
  - New function AMax() to return the number of elements in a dimension in an array.
  - New function ASize() to return the size of an array dimension in bytes.
  - Fixed bug in DeleteFileFromPackage() that could corrupt the table of content of the package file.
  - Fixed bug when loading bitmaps from memory.
  - WaitForInput() now checks to see if GameAPI is still running.
  - Save As... in PIDE now points to the current file name.
  - Fixed Save As... in PIDE for forms.
  - Fixed strange bug on PocketPC when assigning a string to a variable. Most probably memory management bug on WinCE.
  - Fixed optimizer (release) bug when used with / operator.
  - Global() and Local() don't move % variables.
  - Fixed GroupBox loading in PIDE form editor, no need to redraw manually anymore.
  - New ScreenWidth() and ScreenHeight() functions in Swapi.ppl.

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