11/04 :  Pocket Programming Language v1.25 has been released!

   PPL version 1.25 has just been released. (http://www.arianesoft.ca/page.php?1)

This new version fixed some issues with the PIDE, debugger and the GameAPI doesn't use 100% CPU usage when suspended. There are many other little fixes.

Here is the change log:

 - Increased size of define value from 1024 to 4096 characters.
 - PIDE, fixed close of program when form's codes are loaded and not saved.
 - PIDE, fixed Paste menu item in form's code.
 - PIDE, fixed Edit menu flickering when form is active.
 - PIDE, procedures list form can not be resized.
 - PIDE, procedures list is not reset anymore when the procedures list form is activated.
 - Fixed VarType() and LType() to support structure's element. Ex: struct.element$.
 - GameAPI doesn't consume 100% CPU power when suspended.
 - LType() now detects _WIDESTRING type.
 - VarType() and LType() can detect _ARRAYSTRUCT variable types.
 - Parser / Compiler stops logging errors or warnings after a count of 256.
 - G_LoadFont() now has an extra parameter to specify the font background color, default is -1.
 - PIDE, fixed debug toolbar buttons (Step over, step into, run to cursor).
 - Wait cursor appears in quiet mode compiling. (Executable mode as well).
 - New ToIso() function, to convert a grid cell location to pixels location.

To download PPL 1.25, please go to http://www.arianesoft.ca/download.php?view.32

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