06/04 :  PPL 1.24 has been released

   Happy Easter All!

PPL version 1.24 has just been released. This version fixes a lot of issues and introduces a ton of new features, we hope you will enjoy it.

Most notable enhancements and bug fixes are:

- New Windows XP compatible menus in the PIDE.
- New Form Wizard.
- No need for the @ operator anymore for strings in arrays or structures.
- Fixed debugger.
- Fixed the g_loadfont to only load 255 characters table by default.
- PIDE, Find Previous option.
- You can now use .ppc files as library to load into your projects dynamically.
- And so much more...

Here is the change log with all the changes:

 - Fixed variable type clear function.
 - Fixed sprite drawing internal not to crash if width and height of sprites are zero.
 - No need to use the @ operator to use STRINGS in arrays or structures. PPL recognizes them automatically.
 - Fixed parameter passing to pass arrays correctly again.
 - Added #c_declare and #c_declareapi to PIDE syntax highlighter words.
 - Added tons variant variables conversion routines to ole.ppl.
 - Even if errors are found during parsing, the compilation will take place to find other errors.
 - Fixed internal ExtractPath() function to return blank string if no valid path found.
 - Fixed code generator to use full pathname in #code statements.
 - Fixed PIDE, error pane, double-click to work properly again on form codes.
 - Fixed optimizer.
 - Fixed ScaleSprite() to use 0.5 for 50% and 1.5 for 150% instead of 50 or 150.
 - COM engine now uses VT_DATE as SYSTEMTIME.
 - Some memory leaks fixed in COM engine.
 - Fixed T() to use two parameters.
 - Enhanced the optimizer.
 - New LO() and HI() functions to extract low and high portion of double as integers.
 - Moved VT_XXXX definitions from Windows.ppl to Ole.ppl library.
 - PIDE, new Find Previous in Search menu.
 - PIDE, new custom drawn menus.
 - Update PIDE protection engine to latest version.
 - New cursor function declares in Windows.ppl.
 - Collision detection for borders assign the T_COLLIDE% and S_COLLIDE% variables.
 - PIDE, fixed new project, folder browsing.
 - PIDE, added option in new project not to create a sub folder.
 - Invoke, GetProperty and SetProperty functions assign the COMERROR% variable correctly.
 - New COMERRORDESC% variable is set when COM error description are found.
 - PIDE, PIDE.INI configuration file is now stored in local folder.
 - Fixed SetSpriteDirection and SetSpriteVelocity functions with 0, 90, 180, 270 angles.
 - Fixed Call function to use directly func/proc name instead of just address.
 - New GetProcEx() function to allow to search a function specifying the input and output parameters count.
 - Optimized the GetProc and Call functions.
 - Run, RunEx, RunFile, RunFileEx now returns the application handle when application stays loaded in memory.
 - Fixed Call() to call external application's functions.
 - Fixed KillApp() if no windows in application to just normally free the application from memory.
 - Internal range checking now calculates the smallest memory size due to bytes alignment.
 - PIDE, new New Form.. wizard.
 - PIDE, new Generate Form Call code menu item.
 - Fixed Exit function to work correctly.
 - Fixed Encrypt() function to detect correct size of input string.
 - New g_fonts() function to adjust the maximum number of characters the g_loadfont will cache.
 - g_loadfont() doesn't use 4096 characters to cache by default anymore.
 - New functions in Swapi.ppl, Control_BringToFront, Control_SendToBack.
 - A wait cursor will appear when an executable created with PPL is loading.

You can download PPL here: http://www.arianesoft.ca/download.php?31

You can also try out PPL Pro for free for 15 days:


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