09/03 :  PPL 1.22 has been released

   Pocket Programming Language 1.22 has been released.

Here is the change log:

 - New, improved, more stable and faster garbage collector.
 - Fixed PPC file save routine.
 - Fixed g_AutoDraw() function.
 - Added AUTODRAW_DRAWONLY constant.
 - Fixed Simple3.ppl to use AUTODRAW_EVENTONLY.
 - Fixed memory leak in compiler.
 - Fixed memory leak in structure variables.
 - Fixed memory leak in gravity collision check in GameAPI engine.
 - Fixed memory consumption issue that was introduced in 1.20.
 - Reduced memory footprint used by compiler/optimizer.
 - Optimized optimizer.
 - New optimizer opcodes to increase speed overall.
 - Fixed NUMEDIT control in PIDE.
 - Fixed form saving in PIDE if only Run is selected.
 - Fixed Form menu in PIDE not to flicker anymore.
 - Rewrote strtolist() function.
 - Fixed ClearSpriteChildren() function.
 - Support for unicode strings added, most string functions support them.
 - New wLoadStr() and wSaveStr() functions to load a wide string char.
 - New wchr() function return a unicode string.
 - New wLoadPackageFile() function to support unicode string.
 - PIDE, fixed Save all and Project save option.
 - Fixed Invoke() to process IDispatch handles on return.
 - Changed FreeCOMObject() to Release the objects as well.
 - Added wNew() function to create a new unicode string in memory.
 - New wGetItem() and wSetItem() functions that support unicode strings.
 - New wStr() function to convert to unicode string if needed.
 - New functions in Swapi.ppl and Windows.ppl to support Unicode strings in controls.
 - New wGetSelText(), wSetSelText(), wGetText(), wSetText() and wGetTextLine() unicode string functions.
 - Reduced optimizer number of phases from 5 down to 1.
 - Fixed PIDE resize bars not to wrap to border anymore.
 - Fixed PIDE so that no successful message will be displayed if registering a runtime didn't work.
 - Optimized Local/Global runtime speed.
 - Added OnSettingChange event in the PIDE form.

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