23/02 :  PPL 1.20 has been released


Pocket Programming Language 1.20 has just been released.

This new version introduce tons of new features like:

- A completly redesigned form editor.

- The form editor displays the real runtime representation of your controls while in design mode.

- A new properties editor.

- Faster display in Visual Form Editor and Visual Game Level Editor.

- Drag controls from a list directly to your form at design time.

- Faster loading of .PPC files, parsing, compiling and linking process, thanks to better memory management and optimizations.

- Multi-phases linker to produce smaller .PPC files.

- New RAPI (Remote ActiveSynce API) library.

- Faster global variables access.

- Faster .EXE loading process.

- Tons of fixes and other enhancements...

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Download PPL 1.20 Lite for FREE here http://www.arianesoft.ca/download.php?view.26