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Tue Jul 01 2008, 06:55AM
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I note from various threads over time that some people use VMWare virtual systems. I used it a couple of years ago and it was fine, but networking seemed a little tricky.
I have just discovered VirtualBox from Sun Systems.
Up and running with Vista (which won't run on my host system) without any intervention. Up and running in XP Pro sp2 in no time. No settings, straight through to the internet without any intervention on my part. No bridge to set.
Shared drives with the host without sharing on the host.
It is a dream and simple to setup and use.
You might want to try this, if you have half hour to spare, it does it all for you.

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Mike Halliday
Tue Jul 01 2008, 07:17AM

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The only issues you will come across when using Virtualised Environments is access to the hardware.

I have used VMWare with XP to test PPL within in it, and YES it does load and you can develop quite nicely with it. (A boon for the Linux or MAC user) but, running anything GFX intensive will not give the desired results.

I would only really use VM sessions for WIN32 apps where there is little or no screen updates. - For this sort of development, VM's are great.

Not sure how games will run ina VM session. Not personally tried that!

The other use I can see for a VM is to run XP within XP with the virtual session having the WM device emulator installed. That way you would have a virtualised smartphone/PDA device for testing without having to own one.

You still can't beat a good native O/S though, when all is said and done VMs are great for testing and development work.

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