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November 21st 2011

Can you believe we are back after a long hiatus. Due to personal reasons we could not continue development of bitBulletin. We are now back to work and giving you this long-time due new version. We hope to continue bringing you quality software with more frequent update. The new version (1.42) has been submitted to Apple today.

June 15th 2011

bitBulletin version 1.4 was rejected by Apple due to a rating issue. bitBulletin now has a 17+ rating. We have re-submitted yesterday and it is in review once more. Hopefully everything will be alright this time.

June 6th 2011

bitBulletin version 1.4 has just been submitted to Apple.

Here are the changes and new features this new version includes:

June 2nd 2011

Oh wow, it has been that long? One full month without news concerning bitBulletin! Rest assured, we are still working on bitBulletin, although, not as ferociously has we were. The product is now showing some maturity, we are now preparing the release of v1.4 which will solidify the bases of bitBulletin even more.

Here are the changes and new features that will make it in version 1.4 so far:

April 26th 2011

We have fixed the crash when an invalid or blank URL was specified in a Site.

Here are the changes and new features that will make it in version 1.4 so far:

April 23rd 2011

We are noticing reviews in the App Store that are misleading and really hurting the sales. Could you at least contact us before posting bad reviews? All the bad reviews are from people who never took a second to contact us. We provide a very fast and person to person service. We are working hard to improve bitBulletin but without your help it will be hard to continue. Please support us. We are doing our best, we are not trying to rip anyone off. Surviving in the App Store is a constant battle and only make a living for about 15% of all the developers in it.

All the ones, who have purchased bitBulletin, and are happy with it, please post some positive reviews in the App Store. We really need them. Thank you in advance. Review bitBulletin

April 22nd 2011

Today, we have fixed the extraction engine to support web pages with invalid unicode characters (just like browsers). This fix will be available with bitBulletin version 1.4

Here are the changes and new features that will make it in version 1.4 so far:

April 19th 2011

Version 1.4 is coming along great. It now has a nice small little info box that gives you more accurate information on what is going on behind the scene while you are waiting. We have reworked the error detection system to go directly to the web browser (in case of the inability to extract information from the forum) and display a large error button in the toolbar. This will be less annoying.

April 17th 2011

More work was done today on bitBulletin version 1.4. We have added support for Unicode characters in URL's. Everyday, we fix sites, thanks to our server-based definition files, you can all benefit from these fixes right away. More to come this week...

April 16th 2011

We have started working on bitBulletin v1.4. The first new feature we are adding is an A-Z index on the right of the Sites list to simplify navigating sites. We will also add a new status bar that will give more information on what bitBulletin is doing while you are waiting. We will also look into moving some actions from the context menu to the main screen on the iPad to capitalize on the wasted space.

April 6th 2011

bitBulletin v1.3 has been submitted. We have upped the version number from 1.21 to 1.3.

March 30th 2011

Today we are concentrating on some remaining login issues.

March 29th 2011

As work is under way for 1.21, we have taken the liberty to add a new theme. It is called the WB theme. It uses colors and styles from the Android platform. Of course we won't call it the Android theme for obvious reasons.

And of course a few more fixes:

March 28th 2011

Work on version 1.2.1 has started today. We are focusing on fixing login issues for this release.

March 17th 2011

We are officially submitting bitBulletin version 1.2 tomorrow to Apple for approval.

March 12th 2011

Update 1.2 is getting closer to release each day. This new version will bring lots of new features and a few bug fixes. We hope to submit it next week.

Here are some the new features you can expect from version 1.2:

March 9th 2011

Some people are leaving bad reviews on iTunes (for version 1.1) without even taking a minute to email us non-working sites. All the one stars are really hurting us more than you might think. It might feel good to rant about a product. Think about what you can get for $5 these days. A tool like this would have sold for, easily, $30 before the App Store. We make about $3.50 for each copy sold. Imagine the number of sales we need. Our intentions are not to sell an non-working product and run with the money. We are dedicated to produce a tool that is working with the majority of forums and most importantly a tool that, WE, will be using ourselves too. For the vast majority of the users who have emailed us so far, we have been able to fix the issues easily. Some had a wrong URL, some sites required a manual configuration (which we've added to our Forums List right away), some sent us sites with unknown or unsupported forum engines. bitBulletin is a huge undertaking and requires a lot of help from our users to make it support the hundreds of thousands of forums sites around the world. We appreciate the effort a lot of you are doing to help bitBulletin become a valuable tool for the iOS devices.

March 8th 2011

Last night, bitBulletin v1.1 was approved by Apple. It is now available in the App Store. It seems this time, we got it right, people seem to like it.

Here are today's changes for update 1.2:

March 5th 2011

Thread subscription synchronization is fully implemented with vBulletin. We will have phpBB and IPBoard working next week.

Here are today's changes for update 1.2:

March 4th 2011

Here are today's changes for update 1.2:

March 2nd 2011

We have just finished integrating IPBoard (full) into bitBulletin. Next we will work on finishing phpBB 2.x for good. We will integrate myBB after that.

So far, bitBulletin 1.1 will support:

Here are today's changes for update 1.2:

February 29th 2011

Work on the real update 1.2 has started. Today we are working on IPBoard forum engine integration. Hopefully it will go better than phpbb v2.x. When you think phpbb v3.x was such a smooth ride, v2.x is still not working properly.

February 28th 2011

Ok, the engine is working great now. We have fixed a few issues with vBulletin 4 login at the same time.

Oh and btw, bitBulletin 1.1 has been resubmitted to Apple just now!

Here are today's changes which will make it into update 1.1 (which includes 1.2 now):

February 27th 2011

phpBB 2.x is still under work. The HTML for this engine is really screwed up. Anyway, today, we have been able to rectify the nasty bug we had with the data analysis engine, finally, took all weekend. We should re-submit tomorrow if nothing major happens. Keep in mind, that every little change we make to our engine, we need to test tons of forums to make sure nothing was broken in the process. That is time consuming. Thank you all for your patience, we really appreciate it.

February 26th 2011

phpBB 2.x has been really driving me nuts for the past week or so. The HTML code for posts is badly written and is extremely hard to extract properly. I will focus on testing everything to submit update 1.1 one more time to Apple today.

Here are today's changes which will make it into update 1.1 (which includes 1.2 now):

February 25th 2011

Oh, when your stars are not aligned, they are not! We had to reject the binary for version 1.1 which was still waiting for review. We have discovered a nasty little bug in it and we don't want to release another version which does not work in certain situations. We will do our best to resubmit today but we will include all the cool fixes and changes we had done for version 1.2 in it.

Here are today's changes which will make it into update 1.1 (which includes 1.2 now):

February 23rd 2011

Today, we have started implementing advanced features that we were planning for later on. The first one displays the number of new posts in the Sites menu as a badge on top of the site icon. The second is if you click on a link in a post and that link points to a valid forum address, then instead of using the internal web browser to view that link, normal bitBulletin display will be used. There are quite a few more new features we will add in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Here are today's changes which will make it into update 1.2:

February 22nd 2011

Here are today's changes which will make it into update 1.2:

February 21st 2011

Even if update 1.1 was submitted over the weekend, it does not mean we will take a rest from improving bitBulletin. So today, we did just that, work on improving the app. We also started working on a nice little video to demonstrate the prowess of bitBulletin.

Here are today's changes which will make it into update 1.2:

February 18th 2011

Another important day for the progress of update 1.1. Today seals the deal for version 1.1. It will be submitted tomorrow morning. This update will be MAJOR. Lot's of code has been rewritten to handle HTTP requests properly. The product will be more solid, faster and feature new functions that have been asked by our customers.

From this point, we will work on adding support for phpBB v2.x, IPBoard and add new forums to our list. We will not need to resubmit a new version for each change we make. bitBulletin downloads updated data definition files, theme files and forums list each time it becomes active.

Here are some more changes added to the app lately:

February 16th 2011

Let's make bitBulletin even better today, shall we? Tons of great enhancements have been implemented today. For one, login and logout of sessions is way more robust. It works like a charm.

While we were working hard on the login/logout issue, we took some time to implement the phpbb v3 login. Yes, you will be able to login into phpbb v3 forums from bitBulletin v1.1 and up.

Here are some more changes added to the app since yesterday:

February 15th 2011

Today was a big day but a productive one. We have managed to fix all logins/posts/search issues for good. Permanent cookies are also used for login credentials (just like your browser). HTTP redirects are now supported as well. We hope to resubmit 1.1 either tomorrow or Thursday. We will work on phpbb v2 and if possible phpbb 2 + 3 logins, search, reply, new thread, etc...

February 14th 2011

Happy Valentine's day to all. As you may have read, we rejected version 1.2 from the review queue on the AppStore. We will resubmit it as version 1.1 (no need for 1.2 or 1.3, if 1.1 was never released. This means you will get the benefits of all the fixes and new features from version 1.2 and 1.3.

Here are some more changes added to the app since yesterday:

February 13th 2011

Another day, more bitBulletin work to do. Today we are working on integrating basic phpbb browsing support. IPBoard will be next week. But at the same time we are preparing version 1.3 fixing a few bugs here and there (nothing major so far).

Here are the changes brought to version 1.3 so far:

We have taken the decision to reject bitBulletin 1.2 from review. We will release it when we are fully satisfied with it. Right now we are not. There are still a few issues to resolve though.

February 12th 2011

We understand the rage among our customers. We are aware of the issues experienced by our customers right now. We are working hard to fix them. As a proof of our dedication to our products, we will provide phpBB and IPBoard support next week. It won't need a new version, we will update our forum engine description file on our server.

We have also fixed the description in the AppStore to not say "ANY" forums but "ANY vBulletin" forums.

Hopefully our ratings in the AppStore won't stay like that for version 1.2 but we fully understand why they are so low.

February 12th 2011

Thank you for the great support you are showing us. We have received lots of feedbacks and requests. As we are working hard on version 1.2, we are making sure everyone gets support for their favourite sites. We would like to remind you that bitBulletin only supports vBulletin 3 and 4 forum engines at the moment. We are planning on supporting more forum engines in the coming updates. We are removing 1.1 (it was not even in review yet) from the submission queue at Apple, to rush 1.2 out the door today. Here are some of the updates for version 1.2 of bitBulletin for today:

Today also marks a big step forward for bitBulletin. We have created an FAQ page and Site Status Database which lists all sites that are being worked on and their progress status. This way you will always be informed of exactly what is going on with various sites support.

February 11th 2011

We are now working on bitBulletin version 1.2. It is our mission to improve the extraction engine and add more sites on a daily basis.

February 10th 2011

bitBulletin is now officially available in the AppStore. As promised, we have submitted version 1.1 to Apple today. Hope you enjoy using bitBulletin. We just want to let you know that we are committed to this wonderful product and we will keep improving it and expanding its support on a daily basis.

February 9th 2011

We are working hard on improving bitBulletin and we would like to let you know that version 1.1 is already being worked on right now. Here is a list of fixes and new features you can expect.

February 2nd 2011

Version 1.0 has been submitted to Apple! We hope you will enjoy using bitBulletin has much as we enjoyed creating it.

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